Donate to the Horizon Band Program

On behalf of those grateful student musicians who will benefit from your generosity, and from all of us involved with the Horizon High School Band Program, thank you for contributing to the success of our band program. We deeply appreciate your commitment to fine arts education.Official PayPal Seal

Band Fans is updating our Pay Pal account.  We will have this option available shortly.  Please continue to support the band!  We accept check payments made out to: “Horizon Band Fans”.


Please note: This is a direct donation, and may be tax deductible (see below). It is not a donation or payment that is eligible for tax credit. If you’re interested in getting an Arizona tax credit for your donation (and you should be!), see below.

Your Donation May Be Tax Deductible

The Band Fans Parent Organization is a member club of Horizon High School Boosters, Inc. (PAWS), a nonprofit organization, tax ID number 86-0669132, so your donation may be deductible. Consult your tax expert.

School Tax Credit Donation

Please consider making a tax credit donation to support the band program. With a tax credit, you can get every dollar you donate back when you file your state taxes. Here’s the info straight from the Arizona Department of Revenue: “An individual may claim a credit for making contributions or paying fees to a public school for support of extracurricular activities or character education programs. The credit is equal to the amount contributed or the amount of fees paid. However, for single taxpayers or heads of household, the credit cannot exceed $200. For married taxpayers that file a joint return, the credit cannot exceed $400.”

If you’re interested in getting an Arizona tax credit, visit the Forms & Documents page, then download and follow the instructions on the School Tax Credit Donation Form you’ll find there.

For more information about school tax credit donations, download the info sheet from the Arizona Department of Revenue.

What About the Working Poor Tax Credit?

The School Tax Credit is separate from the Working Poor Tax Credit, and you can donate the maximum under both programs.

Why Horizon Band Needs Donations

You may be surprised to learn that the band program at Horizon – and at most high schools in Arizona – receives almost no financial support from the school district. Other than the teacher’s salary and a small stipend for outside-of-class responsibilities that the band director receives, band parents pay nearly every other expense associated with the band program. That includes buying new music, cleaning uniforms, renting trucks to transport equipment to games and competitions, repairing and replacing instruments, paying the technicians who coach our award-winning Horizon Pride Regiment Marching Band, sending those students to band camp, and much more.

The total to operate the band program is around $40,000 each year. Band Fans collects approximately 60% of that amount from parents at the beginning of each season. For the remainder, we depend on donations and fundraising activities throughout the year.