Horizon Pride Regiment


The Horizon Pride Regiment (HPR) is our award-winning marching band program. It is composed of; winds, drumline, front ensemble, and color guard. The HPR begins their season several weeks before the beginning of school with their annual band camp where new students learn the ins and outs of how to march and returners polish their skills. Throughout the season the band will perform at almost a dozen football games and compete in 3-4 competitions. The group serves to entertain the student body at games and to proudly represent Horizon in all its performances.

The HPR’s accolades for the 2019 season include:

AzMBA Grand Championships:
10th place

AzMBA State Championships:
7th place

Sunrise Mountain Invitational:
3rd place
Caption: General Effect

Williams Field Invitational:                                                                                      5th place

Mesquite Invitational:                                                                                                       6th place