Percussion Ensemble

About Us

Horizon High School has an enormously successful percussion program, earning numerous awards in various competitions throughout the year. Students learn how to play a variety of percussive instruments and participate in solo, small ensemble, and large ensemble playing. There are plenty of opportunities in a school year for motivated students to show off their skills. Percussion students are allowed to audition for marching band, jazz band, regionals, and all-state bands. The group performs at quarterly concerts and at other community events.

Photo by Samie Bednarz


In addition to a great concert program, Horizon High School is also home to a young but successful indoor percussion program. This is an extracurricular fine arts program which pushes students to excel in the marching arts and provides a smaller, closer group for students to perform in. In 2019 the Horizon Indoor Percussion Ensemble earned sixth place in WGAZ’s Scholastic A Class. 2020 is sure to be another exciting season for HIPE.

Do Over 2019 State Championships:

Stinkin’ Garbage: