The Tri-M Music Honors Society is a high school music organization with chapters all over the country that focuses on music-related community service and leadership in the band, orchestra, percussion, and choir programs. Here at Horizon High School, the organization helps to tutor younger musicians in the local middle schools, as well as organize small ensembles to perform in places such as retirement homes, all with the goal to better enrich the community through music.

To answer the question as to why Tri-M, the organization’s website states that “A Tri-M Music Honor Society chapter opens up a world of opportunities for students who have already shown themselves to be academically capable and musically gifted. Through performance and community service, they’ll develop confidence, creativity, critical thinking, compassion, and a host of other leadership skills sure to serve them well in school and beyond.”

Tri-M membership is also useful for gaining opportunities to serve the community, which may be useful to those participating in organizations such as the National Honors Society

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Tri-M Community Service Form